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Need basic image processing, but only have Linux
  • RyanCaleb October 13
    'm fairly inexperienced and working on a project in which a camera is attached to a moving X-Y stage. The goal is for the camera to track worms moving below in real-time, then follow them. To do this, I need some very basic image processing. However, I don't know how to control the motors for the X-Y stage without a Linux-only tool, so I'm using Linux LabVIEW, which apparently doesn't support NI Vision or MATLAB script nodes. I need to do basic image processing (described below) very quickly, using the images I capture in LabVIEW. I know Python, Java, MATLAB, and a little C. Right now all I can think of is making a C library that does the processing (despite my relative inexperience), then calling it from LabVIEW. This would be nice since LabVIEW can pass the image to C by reference, whereas I don't know how to interface with MATLAB or Python without, say, a TCP connection, which wouldn't be able to use pass-by-reference (I think?) Are there any other ways to get this done? Maybe a clever way to interface with MATLAB, or is there a way to get Vision in LabVIEW for Linux?
    Please help.


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