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Hakuna Matata Safaris Launches 2 Weeks Tour Program in East Photography equipment
  • gunlilac15 October 13
    An exciting brand new package may be launched through Hakuna Matata Safaris Company for all travellers who would like to discover the real East Photography equipment, experience the wildlife, and see the places of the beautifully picturesque scenery of 4 African countries in one thrilling two weeks.
    The visit takes you via Uganda, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda and each day includes a well planned out there itinerary which will not only teach you regarding East Africa’s intriguing history but will also take you on a truly remarkable journey to sink the teeth into the wildlife of the areas.


    Best known because of its many rapids, lakes, mountain tops, wildlife and tragic history, this tour package deal allows you to find out more about the bittersweet facet of the gorgeous East African region.
    The actual package includes transfers to and from the airport terminal, accommodation, an amiable tour manual, bus carry, entrance to nature recreational areas and permits with regard to gorilla tracking.
    Through the entire tour you'll get to see Five lakes (Bunyonyi , Tanganyika, Victoria, Edward and Kivu), 2 spectacular waterfalls and Three museums that you will learn concerning the tragedy with the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.
    Within 14 days you may cross many borders and remain in a variety of accommodations, have plenty of chances to shop and get stuck into a fantastic range of routines.


    A tour loaded with music, dancing, historical education, wild animals, and gorgeous scenery with regard to picture opportunities, this is the best tour package you need to get a flavor of the genuine East Africa.
    Ideal for anyone who wants to squeeze in a lot into a truly exceptional holiday, Hakuna Matata Safarar is has a small something for all.

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