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Most Reliable Acoustic Testing Specialists

  • There's no Doubt that we can find services and products that we are currently looking for. For instance, if you're currently currently looking for the sound insulation we can definitely help you. Here at NOVA Acoustics LTD, we offer reports for entry to your building management officer and carry out nationally UKAS Accredited Sound Insulation Testing. The sound insulation testing is a really important part of the construction regulations and should youn't want to have any problems, you need to pass this test. There's nothing complicated as soon as you let a team that is professional take care of this.


    With NOVA Acoustics LTD, your projects will run smoothly. Just wait no longer and check out our website where you can find everything about our staff and services, see which are all the advantages you can enjoy with us and what else can we help you with. If there's something don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote.

    Professional Insulation testing will ensure your development demonstrates acceptable levels of impact and airborne sound insulation performance outlined in document E of the Building Regulations. To be able to make sure that your property meets with all the regulations and requirements, you need to make sure that you get: pre-completion testing and assemble to details that are robust. The sooner you get in touch with us, the chances of passing you've. By visiting our site, you can find out everything about acoustic testing: what's tested, if your development is ready to be analyzed how much does noise testing price, what happens if your sound test fails, what is airborne testing, what is impact testing and lots of other helpful things you want to know before making the sound insulation testing.

    No thing you need sound Testing advice or you want to book your sound test, just go to the webpage Mentioned above and get in touch with us now. Our experts will help you Enjoy high quality sound testing locally. See what our previous customers Consider us in order to understand that we can really make a excellent job. Take Advantage of high quality sound testing for building regulations without a need To waste plenty of money. With NOVA Acoustics LTD You will get affordable and dependable Testing in your area.

    More information about Acoustic Test resource: click to read more.

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